Fluorescence update

A few weeks ago I posted about biofluorescence in fish. So when National Geographic posted the news about a fluorescing Hawksbill turtle, I was very interested. The original article can be found here. But the short version is: “Holy sh*t! Hawksbill turtles are biofluorescent! Who’d have thought?!?”

Fluorescent Hawksbill Turtle (Capture from NatGeo video)

Fluorescent Hawksbill Turtle (Capture from NatGeo video)

This just shows how much we still have to learn about the oceans in general and how new this whole fluorescence research really is. If a creature as large as a sea turtle is fluorescent and we only found out now, what else is out there to be discovered? And what does it all mean? The reason this is extra exiting, is that it’s the first instance of a marine reptile being recorded to fluoresce. The possibilities seems endless, so keep your eyes open for more fluorescence to come!

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