Want to become a marine biologist?

Funny read about great and not-so-great reasons to become a marine biologist, text by Dr. Milton Love.  This is the link to the full text, but here’s a preview:

“Okay, here’s the bottom line. By federal law, marine biologists have to take a vow of poverty and chastity. Poverty, because you are not going to make squat-j-doodly in this job. And just how squat is the doodly we are talking about? Well, five years after finishing my PhD I was making slightly less than a beginning manager at McDonalds.

And chastity? Well, who’s going to date someone who persistently smells like a thawed haddock with an attitude? Not even a dolphin.

But there are two really, really good reasons to want to become a marine biologist.”

Enjoy the read 🙂


2 thoughts on “Want to become a marine biologist?

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